Monday, September 23, 2013

Olympia Week!

This Friday, September 27, the judging for the 2013 Mr. Olympia gets underway. It is was one of the most highly anticipated competitions in years and the line-up is totally stacked!  Unfortunately I will not be attending this year's event. 2004 was my first year of making the September trek to Vegas, but this year my schedule didn't allow it. There have been too many things going on this month.

But I'm still a fan and I am very excited to see how things pan out and find out the last men standing on the Olympia stage this year. I've looked at previews and predictions from various sites and the opinions are varied. The top five guy I see in predictions are Heath, Greene, Cutler, Rhoden and Big Ramy.

Across the boards I've seen predictions by fans for their favorites. Die-hard Cutler fans think he will make his second big comeback just like he did in 2009. They believe he won't lose and he'll blow every guy off the stage. 

Kai has a big following after last year's second place performance and many still think he was the rightful winner. The Predator's fans think, of course, he will dethrone Phil. Fans of the Phil "The Gift" Heath, however, think he will win the Mr. Olympia title again this year.

I like records to be broken, set and tied. I  like champs to win a gain and champs to be dethroned. Comeback wins are great and so a first-time victories. In the next few days before the big event, I will write out a few of the scenarios that could take place this year. Lots of fun stuff could happen and, thankfully, we only have a few more days to wait until it is in the history books once again.

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