Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scenario #3: Kai Dethrones Phil

Many fans thought Kai won last year's Mr. Olympia. When he was announced in second place the message boards and forums lit up with disapproval. If you were AT the competition, however, the reaction wasn't the same. From my seats it was obvious that Phil was going to win. Kai deflated like a balloon and Phil came on strong. I was surprised to see how many conspiracy theorists popped up and thought Kai blew Phil away because I thought Phil won fairly easily.

Compared to his 2009 AC showing, Kai looked skinny and flat. Yes, I thought Kai looked good, but I didn't think it was enough to outmuscle Phil. And yes, Kai pushed him until the last minute with a good challenge, but Kai's deflated look and lack of traps were the deciding factor for me. Heath rightfully won.

Bu this is bodybuilding and not everyone sees the same thing. Lots of people thought Kai was good enough to win. (I won't even get into the ridiculous "stepping over the line" argument. I've never seen anyone DQ'ed for that... ever.)

With all that being said, Kai does look like he'll be coming in with added size this year and if his conditioning is on par with his best, Kai could place ahead of Phil --  if Phil is off.

This scenario has a strong possibility and having a new champ this year would be exciting. I do think Phil will pull off another win, but Kai winning is my second guess. 

(As an added note: I've never been one to spout off about  politics this and politics that in bodybuilding. Many times guys with no basis or knowledge spout this stuff off all the time. An example would be one year people claimed a competitor won because they were under contract by MuscleTech. That was the year MuscleTech wasn't even a sponsor and didn't have a booth at the expo either. So I don't put too much stock in the political arguments.)

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