Monday, September 23, 2013

The Comeback Kid... Again! Scenario #2

Okay, technically Jay Cutler has turned 40 and really is no longer a kid, but I liked the title so therefore Cutler is the kid. And if he were to come back and win the Mr. Olympia a second time after losing it, that would again make bodybuilding history. He will become the only man to do it twice. No one else besides Jay has ever done it.

After sustaining a severe bicep injury shortly before the 2011 Mr. Olympia where he ended up placing second to Phil Heath, Jay took a year off. The injury required surgery and it sidelined him for the 2012 Mr. Olympia. With the go-ahead from his doctors earlier this year, Jay committed to another run for his fifth Mr. Olympia title. He has steadily added mass in the past few months and looks much bigger than his "recovery look" of 2012. Judging from pre-contest photos, he looks lean, but not quite as big as in previous years.

Jay has had some symmetry issues in the past. His right leg and arm is noticeably smaller than the left side's. His lower lats seem to vanishing a bit more each year. And, of course, there's the bicep mentioned earlier.

In 2009 Jay did something to minimize his symmetry issues and came in huge, full and shredded. If he can somehow pull that off again, he could win the title back, but that would mean Kai and Phil both need to be off and that isn't too likely. Not impossible, but most likely improbable. It did happen, though, in 2009 to Phil and 2010 to Kai.

Can Jay do it? Can he win his fifth and with a second career comeback? Yes, it could happen. Jay has a way of making himself look better on stage and controlling and commanding the mandatory round. I've seen him do it several times now. The crowd gets behind him and all attention is on him, including the attention of the judges. (Photos never reveal those sort of things!) Jay is the Vegas hometown boy and the crowd loves him.

Although I don't think Jay will pull off his fifth win, I would love to see him do it. He's one guy you can never count out or write off.

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