Monday, January 24, 2011

Fit Expo is this Saturday

Saturday, January 29 is the annual Fit Expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It used to be held in conjunction with the IFBB IronMan Pro show every year. The Iron Man was cancelled  last year so this year the Fit Expo is a standalone. It's a great chance to see some of the biggest celebrities in bodybuilding, fitness and MMA. Here's the web site: is the main sponsor and they have a coupon on their site for a discount for the price of admission.

Today was my chest, delts and tri's workout. This one is always my favorite, especially when my shoulders are not killing me. I've been doing shorter, non-lockout reps lately and that has really helped to take strain off the shoulder joints. It's sort of like Branch Warren's style of shorter reps, but not as explosive and loose.

I've given Carnivor by MuscleMeds. It's powdered beef protein and it sounds nasty, but the fruit punch flavor is actually not bad. Once you get over the "beef" part it's fine and just like any other protein.