Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back at it

My shoulder is feeling remarkably better this week. I had some PT done on it and lots of ice was used. So were NSAIDs for about a week. Inflammation is way down. It actually feels normal.

Started back at the gym after a week and a half layoff. I did a light leg workout. Friday will be upper body. I'm going to begin an "opposites" training schedule. For example dumbbell rows superstted with dumbbell bench presses. Shoulder press with lat pulldowns. Rear lateral raises and flat flyes. You get the idea.

I'll use reps between 12 and 15 and my goal is to increase shoulder flexibility and train at a fast rate to help the fat-burning process.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dadgummit Blowout!

This time it's the right shoulder. I sure get sick of pain in the shoulders. It was simply a case of overwork. Too much yardwork and stuff around the house combined with a chest and delt workout the following morning. Lots of inflammation. It'll be six weeks until it's back to normal.

Flexibility training and stretching has to become a new priority.