Friday, January 25, 2013

Random thoughts...

The Arnold Classic is coming up the end of next month. I'm putting together travel plans to cover the event for again this year. I'm alos looking forward to seeing my nephew, Joe Swartz, compete in the Arnold Amateur in the Classic Bodybuilding division.

I've been reading lots of stuff by John Meadows lately. He has some new and different training techniques I've been incorporating into my workouts. I've always thought that using the big rubber bands were kind of silly for serious workouts, but now that I've tried them, I am hooked! Chest workouts will never be the same.

Anyone sick of all the internet experts on diet and training? I sure am. Science proves this. This study proves that. Guys who weigh a buck fifty soaking wet are claiming to be experts and know everything about getting ripped because of some study they've read. Most of them have never stepped on stage and have been training for less than five years.

I'm all for science being helpful in gaining muscle and burning fat, but there are just some things that have worked for years and all the good bodybuilders have discovered the same things. But some guy always wants to argue and prove they have evidence of the "right" way to do it. And it's the guy who has arms taping a mighty 14 inches after five years of training.

Enough for today.